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Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy is an effective method of delivering and absorbing key nutrients via your veins. Because these nutrients are injected, we’re bypassing the gastrointestinal system, so nutrients are 100% absorbed by the bloodstream, where they can be immediately utilized.

The temporary discomfort from placing the IV in is far outweighed by the benefits you’ll see with IV nutrient therapy. We have a trained registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses, such as nurse practitioners and nurse anesthesiologists, administering the IV, so you won’t be poked unnecessarily!

Depending on your state of wellness, nutritional demands, and hydration status, you may see dramatic effects immediately. People who get regular IVs will feel less pronounced effects as their body begins to obtain optimal balance. In healthy individuals, IVs can safely be used on a daily basis but realistically; most people do not need daily therapy. A typical dosage is usually weekly or bi-weekly, but your IV therapy should always be tailored to your needs.


IV drip therapy is one of the most effective ways to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and fluids to your body, and is more efficient than oral supplements. This technique bypasses your digestive system and is administered directly into your bloodstream. Your body is able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and fluids since nothing is lost as a result of the digestive process. In addition, vitamins and nutrients become immediately available to your cells for use for fast results.

Infuzed offers many unique IV blends, each tailored to address a specific set of health goals. We also offer custom-blended IV treatments based on your needs. This means that you can improve your overall wellness by targeting your individual needs.

To keep our costs low, we do not accept private insurance. Accepting health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid for IV therapy would force us to raise our prices. We want to help you feel your best, and that means keeping our services affordable. Insurance companies often complicate the billing process. We accept other forms of payment, such as FSA and HSA cards, to get you back on your feet and feeling fantastic.

Yes. IV therapy greatly helps with dehydration. Having IV drip that contains saline fluids and electrolytes can help to rehydrate your body immediately. People suffering from moderate to severe dehydration can benefit from IV therapy.

When taken orally, only a fraction (20-40% or less) of the essential nutrients are absorbed due to a variety of factors: unhealthy diet, insufficient essential nutrients, widespread prevalence of gastrointestinal problems, chronic illness and more. With IV nutrient therapy, 100% of the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream, where they can immediately be used by your body.


Students, families, business professionals, and athletes are just a few of the types of people who can benefit from IV drip therapy. IV drip therapy can help improve overall health and wellbeing, boost energy levels, recover from illnesses more quickly, and address a variety of specific health targets and goals.

You are always welcome to call us if you are unsure if IV therapy is right for you. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

The entire process including recovery takes about 60 minutes.


While IV therapies are safe for kids, our drip blends are designed for adults.

Benefits can be seen after the first session, and with regular treatments, safe and lasting effects can be achieved.


Yes! We invite you to consult with our medical team to create an IV nutrient plan based on your concerns and needs.


Certain nutrients do not require the fluid or as much fluid and can be slowly injected intravenously. This form of treatment is called an “IV push” or booster. IV push treatments can be added to your IV therapy for an added boost!


Intravenous vitamin C has been used for many decades to help fight cancer. Unlike oral vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, intravenous vitamin C is a cancer-killing pro-oxidant. It leads to the development of hydrogen peroxide in the area of the cells. This substance is toxic to cancer cells, but harmless to the natural cells of your body. In addition to attacking cancer cells by producing hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C also is felt to enhance the amount of collagen formed throughout the body, thereby creating barriers that make it harder for the cancer to metastasize.

Vitamin C is extraordinarily safe. Serious complications are rare. Once the infusion is started, it will take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes to be completed.

Everyone is different and will therefore experience varied results. Some feel more energized and detoxified after their infusion whereas others may not notice a physical difference but will have more vitamins in their system which are bioavailable for the body to absorb.

Our Drips vary from 100ml to 1,000ml, most of our Drips contain 1,000ml of fluid. This is a third of your daily intake of fluid, and it is safe to have this amount in a Drip (depending on your medical history and observations). Prior to giving the Drip we will check your vital signs to ensure it is safe to go ahead. If you have any medical conditions such as heart or kidney problems (as disclosed to us on your medical questionnaire), this will be taken into account by one of our health care professionals before deciding if it is safe and appropriate to go ahead.

We have several top selling drips which include the Myer’s Cocktail for overall wellness, the Immunity & lllness for immune support, the Energy for increased energy, and the NAD+ for anti-aging.

Yes, you can eat as normal before and after having a Drip or Booster Shot.

The fluid that goes into your bloodstream is a lower temperature than body temperature, so it can temporarily make you feel a little cold. You should feel back to normal very soon after your Drip.

Drip appointments usually last anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. Booster Shots take less than 5 minutes to administer.

To save time, please complete the online medical and consent forms. Eat and drink as normal the day of your drip.

While many of our clients are athletes, if you are sponsored or have concerns, we advise that you check with your coach, sponsor or governing body before treatment.

A Drip is an Intravenous Drip which is administered by putting a cannula into a vein in your arm. You will then be attached to the Drip for around 50 minutes while the fluid and nutrients enter your bloodstream. A booster is an add-on that can inserted into your drip to customize the drip you are receiving. A Shot is an injection of a single nutrient into the muscle in the arm.

Yes, you can carry on with your normal daily routine. We would recommend leaving an hour or so after having the Drip before exercising.

Intravenous (IV) fluid drips deliver saline solution through a small catheter and tubing directly into the bloodstream. This solution usually includes medications and vitamin supplements that are tailored to the individual patient.

During therapy, the nurse inserts an IV line which is attached to a bag of saline solution. The bag is then hung above the patient’s head. IV therapy bags are designed to let gravity, as opposed to a syringe or other forced technique, carry fluid into the veins over time.

The duration of a single treatment varies from person to person, but typically lasts 30 – 45 minutes. The exceptions to this timeframe are our NAD IV treatments, which generally last 2 – 4 hours per session.

We offer a selection of vitamin and medication shots and IV add-ons, including:

  • B complex
  • B12 shot
  • Glutathione
  • Zofran
  • Toradol
  • Magnesium
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin C
  • Pepcid
  • Lipo

Yes, we offer mobile IV services for small, medium, and large events. We also offer services for private parties. Our group IV services generally include a stationed nurse. Contact us to learn more about how we can accommodate your event.

The vast majority of people gain enormous value from the high-dose vitamin C up to 10,000 mg. In those cases where higher dosing is required, a lab test called a G6PD must first be performed to be sure that an individual can properly process super high-dose vitamin C.

Infusion Therapy

Medical Disclaimer

  • These IV drips are not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions.
  • The IVs, Boosters & Shots are administered by a Licensed Medical Professional and overseen by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist that has been trained in IV Nutritional Therapy.
  • Appointment time does not guarantee you will receive a drip. During your initial visit, we will go over your medical history and do a physical exam to determine if there are any contraindications with treatment or if any further laboratory results are needed to proceed with treatment.
  • Please bring a copy of your most recent lab tests (if you have any) to your first appointment.
  • Caution is advised in those with known congestive heart failure, renal failure, liver disease or a G6PD deficiency. It is important to please be honest and disclose any health conditions when filling out your medical health questionnaire prior to your first treatment, all information provided is kept confidential.

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