Skinny Drip​

Skinny Drip​


IV drip for ultimate fat burning 

A special combination of B vitamins and specific amino acids to aid in fat loss, while supporting lean body mass.

Extra Amino Blend

CoQ10 Shot for energy 

Glutathione for detox support (3g max per week)

Extra Hydration for additional fluid and to flush out toxins (1.5 liters total max)

45 minutes – 1 hour

Recommended up to once per week as needed.


IV weight loss therapy might sound too good to be true, but here’s the science behind why it works. It all comes down to what’s in the IV bag. Designed for healthy and natural weight-loss, the Slim Drip is perfect for burning calories and increasing energy. This Drip makes your New Year’s Resolutions that much easier!

In conjunction with lifestyle modifications such as healthy dietary choices and regular physical activity, this drip can help you reach your physical fitness goals. If you feel like you’ve hit the proverbial “wall” and need an extra boost to assist with meeting weight loss goals, this is the drip for you.

Our Skinny IV Drip includes a lipotropic blend of vitamins and minerals designed to boost your metabolism and promote the breakdown of fat cells. Used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program can help speed up your results or get over that plateau.


  • Weight Loss
  • Metabolism Boost
  • Energy Boost
  • Stress Reduction
  • Detoxification





Amino Blend


Lipo Shot (included)

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